Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Showered with Love

Well last weekend was one huge blur... but man did I get some things done!  It all started on Friday when my Mom flew into town for my Bridal Shower on Sunday!  I picked her up from the airport and we were running.  We first stopped by Mimi's Jewelry to pick up my wedding band!  I just love love love David.  He is so sweet and really knows his stuff.  I had given him my engagement ring the day before to just do a slight re-size and it was ready to go less than 24 hours later.  Plus it was all clean and sparkly - it seriously looks brand new again!  Although his store in Fountain Valley is not humongous, he can do and get just about anything!  The wedding band that he had matches perfectly too!  It really looks like it was made as a set or something... but trust me it was not!
After Mimi's we stopped by to get my invitations so that Mom and I could work on everything and put it all together.  The invitations that I got are absolutely beautiful but there are a couple of things that were different then what I had picked out.  This has really been my first real frustrating experience.  I am so open and being in the industry, I get that things change, but I am not sure why some of the things I specified didn't get done.  Anyway, I don't want to get into it... but I was definitely frustrated.  Regardless, they are beautiful and no one will ever know what I had picked versus what I got.
Ready to go!
On Saturday we had an incredibly busy day between my first dress fitting - which went great - then we went around town picking up thank you cards, my hair accessories and stamps at the post office.  Luckily we got to fit in some body pump - which my wonderful wedding coordinator Kathy Nosek teaches!  We were so exhausted after all of that but we still managed to get to work on stamping and adding my little embellishment to the invitations! 

Then Sunday came - the big day.  Let me tell you that this was the most surreal experience.  I don't have parties in my honor anymore.... I mean really since I was a young kid having a birthday party I haven't been the center of attention that way.  It was very overwhelming and very humbling all at the same time.  It was so wonderful to see all my friends from different times in my life.  My dear friend Andrea (whom I've known since we were in second grade) came out with her mom Carol (who was like a second mom to me growing up).  Casey and I have been friends since middle school and used to be cheerleaders together!  Nicole, my sorority sister and college room mate came and she is 7 months pregnant with their first child... it's a girl!  Kelly came who is another sorority sister... and I did both her and Nicole's weddings at the Waterfront!  Bridget came out - I still can't believe she is getting married this year too - my little Bridgie!  Allison came out as well - it's always such a treat to see her smiling face!  My dear Christy came all the way up too!  Christy is notorious for getting lost and didn't disappoint but still managed to show at a reasonable time!  I remember when I first started working at the Hilton, and Christy asked where I lived.  I told her Chino Hills off the 57 freeway and I remember her not knowing where the 57 freeway was - now you know girl!  I'm so glad that Delaney came out too - my co-maid of honor for Sheila's wedding!  Delaney just got engaged as well - ahhhh!  It is wedding time for sure!  I'm so glad that Tiffany came up to the old stomping grounds too!  Tiffany is dating one of John's close friends Curt and we are always getting together!  Of course my Mom was there - which she told me that she wouldn't have missed it for the world :) My step-mom Norma came out to celebrate in the festivities too!  It's always a good time when Norma is there!  I had Margaret there who is great friends with my Dad and Norma... but I really connected with her when I did her daughter's wedding at the Hilton.  Margaret's daughter is also named Danielle!  My future mother in law, Laure came out with her wonderful friend Pat!  When John and I go to visit his parents we always hang out with Mark and Pat - it was so great they came all the way from Paso Robles for this!  It was super fun running into them at South Coast Plaza after the shower too!  I got to help Laure pick her dress for the wedding!!!  My amazing and talented wedding coordinator Kathy came - I just love her for so many reasons.  She is an inspiration, she's down to earth, and she just gets me!  Last but not least were my beautiful girls - Karil-Lyn who stayed up for something like 72 hours straight pulling all the last minute details together and my Sheila who was the perfect hostess!  You two are amazing!  There were so many adorable details and everything was handmade with love.  You made me feel so incredibly special.  I just can't thank you enough! 


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