Friday, October 14, 2011

Video killed the radio star

First let me say that I am sorry it has been so long!  I guess that is what happens when you are in sales and it is the end of the quarter - right!

Since the dress, I feel like my whole look is really starting to come together and take more direction than before.  There are a couple tweaks that I am making now with linens and florals.  As for the invitations - that was easy!  I found the most beautiful and perfect invites with Li'K Designs in Costa Mesa.  They are going to be so elegant - I can't wait to see them!

Right now I am working on finding the right videographer.  This is probably one of the toughest for me because it is something that many of my brides cut when the economy turned and people started scaling back on their wedding.  It is ALWAYS the one thing people say that they regret later that they didn't purchase - so I know not to make the same mistake!  There are some companies out there that do incredible work, some do mediocre and others... well let's just say it is shocking they are in business.  Video is really an art form - and having said that, I feel there is something for everyone out there.  This has been the first category where I have had several people already be "booked" on my wedding date.  I guess it is one of the last vendors that I am securing - but I've had my heart broken a couple times because of this.  The one that got away for me is called ElmanAdam Films.  I encourage all my industry peeps and potential brides to check them out at  The companies that really caught my eye were the ones that I was tearing up at the end and I don't even know the people that are in the video.  ElmanAdam did an awesome video for a couple that had a basic church ceremony and a reception in their back yard.  There wasn't all the glitz and glam that I am used to seeing and by the end of the video I was bawling.  Now that makes a great videographer! 

I have scheduled a couple of appointments to meet with some people next week, so I will update on my finds and decisions soon!

Til next time!