Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's all in the Details...

I can't believe it has already been nearly a month since my last post!  The time is truly going by way too fast.  I figured what better day to post about my wedding then the day of L O V E.. Valentine's Day!

The biggest thing going on right now is trying to finalize all the little details... and oh my there are so many of them.  I had GENERALLY picked out my flowers, and GENERALLY finalized the guest list, and GENERALLY picked out bridesmaids dresses... but now it is DECISION time!

A couple weeks ago I finalized the flowers.  This was so funny to me - and GOD BLESS my amazing florist Melissa with Flowers by Cina for putting up with me and really helping me through this.  It was so funny because on my initial consultation I picked my color scheme and then when I started flipping through magazines I realized that I don't like what I told her to make... I REALLY don't like it at all.  So after more hours of magazine flipping and pinterest scouring, I finally settled on the "design" aspect for the flowers.  I think I had the hardest time just getting past using the colors that I had wanted, shades of pink and white, without doing the same design that I see all the time in magazines.  I am so excited and really can't wait to see Melissa's work - I know she will take my ideas to a whole new level!

Now working on the guest list has been so challenging... More than anything, the challenge has been getting all the information spelled correctly, correct titles for everyone, and finding everyone's addresses and what not.  It almost feels like a full time job just tracking it all down.  I have my working spreadsheet, but I sent it out to my family to double check everything, and I realized there was so much that I missed.  I even missed that my own father was Mr. Roger Wagner instead of Dr. Roger Wagner... that is a big deal to miss to those who've worked so hard earning that title.  I really want it all to be perfect and I DEFINITELY don't want to offend anyone!  A little while back I had sent out some save the date cards - and I absolutely recommend doing that as it helped me make sure that I had the correct addresses for my guests.  A couple of them I did not have correct - so this way I'll make sure they are right for the invitations!

We also finalized the flavors for the cake with my fabulous baker - Brooke with Simply Sweet Cakes!  John and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this amazing white cake with peanut butter and peanut butter cup filling!  And we both loved but I knew we had to have the chocolate with heath bar (although we are going to substitute Butterfinger) when Vanessa ate the whole thing - and she doesn't even LIKE desserts or cake!  Plus the design will look so cool!  It is inspired by, but definitely different, than this cake!

I am really excited that today we picked a dress for the bridesmaids!  That was definitely a task just because I do want everyone to be happy with the dress and also don't want it to be a total arm and a leg!  I had always imagined that I wouldn't order the dresses from a bridal shop and I was very against looking there for a long time.  I did end up looking at the Wedding Day in Fullerton this last weekend and I had such a weird experience.  Going there, I see why so many of MY brides buy their dresses and their bridesmaids dresses from there.  It really is a great shop with an awesome selection.  I just REALLY didn't like my sales person at all.  I think her name was Diane.  In the hour that I was there she must have told me 50 times that we needed to order the dresses because they would have to rush them.  Trust me.  I GET it.  It was just annoying because I had told the girl when I called for an appointment what I was looking for and when my wedding was.  If they couldn't offer anything I would hope they would not have scheduled the appointment.  I have no problem with the fact that I am more limited... but really, I kinda felt like she thought I was stupid or something and I wasn't understanding that there was a sense of urgency.  I didn't push her to look at other lines or anything, I only looked at the lines that she told me we could get.  It was just very weird... she was one of the worst sales people I have worked with.  I really hate that about bridal shops.  I am over 2 months out and you can't get a basic black strapless dress in on time... REALLY?  There is something that is just very in-efficient going on - or at least it seems.  The EXCITING news is that we picked the perfect dress for the perfect price and we are NOT getting it at a bridal shop!  We actually found it at the least expected place ever... Victoria's Secret.com!  It is just like the TwoBirds Dresses that I LOVE, but for a much better price.  They will all wear the top in a different way - or at least that is the plan for now!  I am so excited and can't wait to see my beautiful girls in their beautiful dresses!

Till next time!


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