Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rained out!

Well wedding plans are certainly coming under way!  This last weekend I helped my best friend Sheila pick out her wedding dress!  It was so much fun and to NOT be the one trying on dress after dress!  We ended up finding the perfect dress for her at the first place we went to - Mon Amie!  It was such a fantastic experience.  We happened to go over the Lazarro trunk show.  It was so much fun because not only did Sheila get to meet Lazarro, but he helped her customize her dress and he drew her a sketch of it (with watercolors and everything) to frame.  It was truly a remarkable experience! 

The following day I met with Sheila, my Maid of Honor and Kari-Lyn, my Bridesmaid to look for Bridesmaid dresses.  Unfortunately my third Bridesmaid Amanda couldn't make it because she was in Chicago!  It was so fun to finally get the girls together over martinis at the Yard House!  We ventured over to Nordstrom's Wedding Suite at the Brea Mall.  They have a pretty descent selection and we found a couple that we liked!  The girls' dresses will actually be black but we have to order them, so they just tried on whatever color they had.  What do you all think? 

With the halter or strapless?
Aren't they pretty!

So this Saturday we are scheduled to take engagment photos - I know, you don't have to tell me that I am really behind on this... But guess what - now it is suposed to rain!  I know this isn't shocking that it would rain in January to some of you, but for those who live locally- you know that we have had beautiful weather this month!  It actually looks like it is ONLY going to rain on Saturday.  Friday and Sunday will only have 20% chance of rain... that is 80% NO chance of rain!  So I have decided that I can not take the stress of all that is going on this weekend and I have re-scheduled for next Sunday January 29th.  Please everyone pray that the weather holds this time.  This is now our third time making an appointment as the last two have gotten rained out!

Last night I got myself some pretty eyelash extensions!  I figured why not?  From here on out there are so many times when we will be taking pictures that I am now at a point where I want to look my absolute best at all times!  Getting the lashes put on was certainly an interesting experience... First of all, let me start by saying that I am someone who can't stand to be touched around my eyes or my throat.  The girl who helped me was so awesome and really tried to keep me as occupied with chatter as possible.  I would highly recommend Wink in Newport Beach - if you try them out tell them I referred you!  :) So you lay down on a comfortable chair thing - kinda like a doctor's office but more comfortable.  Then they proceed to tape your lower eyelashes down to your face.  This is the part that I really hated.  She had to do like 4 lines of tape on each side to get all the lashes.  Then you close your eyes and she works away for an hour.  It kinda feels like she is scraping at your eyelids and you feel little pin pricks every now and again.  That part really wasn't so bad - the part that really bothered me was the tape.  But immediately afterward it is fine!  What do you think of my new look?

I am starting to feel so overwhelmed lately because we are now really getting in the "thick of it" and my calendar is getting filled up and maxed out!  I have so many appointments scheduled it is nauseating.  Plus my dress just came in so I need to go and purchase my "undergarments" so that I can try it on and get it altered and fitted!  We have to still lock in a couple more vendors with contracts, food tasting, cake tasting, I need to find something blue and something borrowed, we need to pick out rings and make some decisions on the honeymoon!  Everything just feels like it is coming all too quickly and with working a "more than full time job" I really have no idea when I am going to do it all!  Ultimately I need to do whatever it takes to not stress myself out and just relax and enjoy this time as much as I can!


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  2. Dani Wags!!! You made my wedding so smooth, let me know if there's ANYTHING I can do to help you out. You know I can handle pretty much anything you throw at me!

    1. Thanks so much Kell! You are the BEST! I think it is just natural to get stressed... :)