Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Change

I really didn't think that too much would change with John and I when we get married, but now I am not so sure.  We've not only been together for seven years, but we've lived together for six of them.  I always figured that at this point - I know all there is to know about him.  I am still not so sure that I have too much to learn - but something has already changed with us.  It seems as though overnight we went from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife.  It's as though the commitment of being engaged has changed the way that we interact with each other in the smallest ways - and ALL for the better!

I find that with myself, I am more patient and compassionate.  All of a sudden I am "happy" to iron his shirt for work.  I have NEVER been genuinely happy to do that!  It's like there is a switch in my head that was flipped.  I would easily feel resentment about "taking care of him" and now I eagerly anticipate it.  Chivalry has come back to our relationship on his end too!  It's like new again.  Some of my friends have even told me that we seem to be even more in love then before!  I really think that there is something to this whole commitment thing after all!  And more than ever I am so glad that we waited and didn't rush into things.  I feel like I have a greater respect now for the commitment that we are making to each other - and now I can't wait for our life to really begin!
Here is an old school picture of us circa 2004!  This was my 23rd birthday - and John had just turned 20 a couple months before.

By the way - this weekend I am going shoe shopping in San Francisco/Napa!  If anyone has any recommendations of what to do and where to go - I would love to hear it!

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