Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Frisco Shoe Trip!

On my journey to finding the perfect shoe, I have had a lot of fun!  This last weekend I visited three cities to change it up a bit and see what is out there - outside of my little Orange County bubble. 

The first stop was Walnut Creek!  This stop was two-fold.  One I heard the shopping there is fabulous and two I got to catch up with my SK Big Sis Julia!  I found these Jimmy Choo's at an adorable boutique shop called Foot Candy.  The sales woman there was AMAZING.  She is the only one who seems to get my shoe obsession!  Overall I like these - but they are not supportive at all.  It actually kinda feels like they might fall off my feet and I could twist my ankle at any moment.  It is interesting for me to feel that way because I've always been very comfortable in heels - even from an early age.

That evening we found ourselves in Napa!  Here's a picture of the wine tasting crew!  From left to right is Will (my cousin's boyfriend), Abby (my cousin), Me, Norma (my step-mom) and Bobby (Norma's nephew).  We couldn't resist the fabulous wines at ZD!

For my fellow Wine-O's: some other great wine finds from the weekend were Chapellet (LOVE love LOVE everything they make), Beaulieu Vineyards had their Reserve Maestro Collection Cabernet #1 and #2 on sale from $65 to $25 per bottle at the winery, and lastly Canard Cabernet Sauvignon!  The Canard Cab was a 2007 and we found it at the Bounty Hunter.  If you ever visit Napa - the Bounty Hunter is a staple in every trip.  They have an amazing Beer Can Chicken Sandwich, Pulled Pork Sandwich and some great prices and selections for wine.

On our way back we decided to stop in to San Francisco to shop at Union Square!  This was so exciting for me because I had never been to San Francisco before.  This is a picture of my first time going through the bridge into the city!

After we got in the city and finally found a parking lot - we walked by the Francis Drake Hotel.  Sir Francis Drake was so friendly and was out hailing cabs for guests - I couldn't resist a photo opportunity!

First store we visited was Saks 5th Avenue.  They have a whole level that is entirely devoted to designer women's shoes.  This was my FAVORITE selection - truly incredible!  Norma took a picture of me just walking around completely in awe and surrounded by shoes!  I was really surprised to see so many styles that I had never seen before - truly the best selection in the city.
Jimmy, Manolo and Louboutin - Oh My!

I've never seen this Louboutin before!  Very classic elegance for sure!
It's hard to see but there is a small crystal detail on the side.  Very classy!

Love these Manolos!  So comfortable!

Louboutins covered in Glitter!  :)

Sexy Valentinos!

We had lunch at the Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus!  It was truly an incredible experience!
To give you all a bit of history about my shoe obsession - I completely blame my dad.  He loves women's shoes - weird right?  I have looked at a couple places and shown him some pictures of some shoes and he keeps telling me that he doesn't like what I have found.  He says that they aren't "wedding shoes".  So when we got back from the trip we met for dinner at the Sagebrush Cantina (my first job).  I was so proud of our finds - showing him these pictures that we had taken and talking about our trip.  He proceeded to tell me that none of the shoes are "wedding shoes" so (completely frustrated) I finally asked him "OK.  Then what IS a wedding shoe?"  He told me that a wedding shoe is a close toe shoe.  Seriously?  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff sometimes!  So here is my question to all of you - a close toe shoe or an open toe shoe?



  1. so jealous of your "shoe-scapades" this weekend!

  2. I can’t wait to see what you end up with, I know there will be MANY contenders! I LOVE that your first job was at Sagebrush, wayyyyy cooler than my Baksin Robbins in Encino!!!

  3. I love that you devoted an ENTIRE post (connected to your wedding) that revolves completely around your feet. It wouldn't be a Wagner-Carlisle wedding without major enphasis on S H O E S.